"Sunset Blvd" with Chris Collier

Episode Summary

In this episode Chris Collier, co-director of Renew Theaters, comes on to discuss the film classic Sunset Blvd.

Episode Notes

Chris Collier is co-director of Renew Theaters, which includes the non-profit Hiway Theater in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, where this episode was recorded. Sunset Boulevard, released in 1950, is about a hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity.

In this episode we discuss early film distribution, The Paramount Decree, Demille as himself, a sarcastic look at the state of Hollywood, melancholy in the 1950s, Norma's costuming, film noir, best films of 2018, going into business with movie studios, having a degree in the Theory of Musicology, and much more.