"Prince of Cats" with Tia Vasiliou

Episode Summary

In this episode Tia Vasiliou, comics and feminism expert, comes onto the show to discuss the graphic novel Prince of Cats.

Episode Notes

Tia Vasiliou is both a comics and feminism expert, occasional podcaster, and boss gymnast. Prince of Cats is a 2012 graphic novel by Ron Wimberly. The story focuses on Tybalt, a character from Romeo and Juliet, and is set in 1980s New York. "PRINCE OF CATS is the B side to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, played at an eighties block party in an NY where underground sword dueling blossomed alongside hip-hop, punk, disco, and no wave."

In this episode we discuss needing a moment of happiness before needing to record this episode, who is Ron Wemberly, remembering anything from the original play, and fatal masculine self-obsession, slowing down to read, Tia's theory on why Juliet rushed into marriage, iambic pentameter, lyra rings, our decaying flesh-suits, much more.

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